PPT Clicker Professional - SUPERCUE

PPT Clicker Professional - SUPERCUE


This product is a professional PPT clicker for all kinds of press conferences, speeches, conferences, etc. 

The Product is composed of remote control, receiver and cable.

  • Using 433MHz digital communication technology and arm hardware architecture
  • The transmission is more stable, the transmission distance is longer, and the penetration ability is stronger
  • LED stream Light for more accurate and intuitive display of page flip animation
  • Adopt HD capacitive touch screen for easier operation
  • Single unit can control up to 6 PC / Mac pages can be synchronously to turn pages
  • By cascading multiple units, more 6 PC / Mac pages can be synchronized in page-turning
  • Support synchronous control of multiple remote controllers
  • Provide 9999 digital channels, more flexible matching
  • Ergonomic design of remote control makes it more comfortable to hold in
  • The remote control provides a timer display to clearly see the time on the page
  • Adopt rechargeable high-capacity lithium batteries for easy use
  • High power laser is used to make the contents clearer
  • Flexible channel setting, easier matching

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